The Mountain Queen is constructed like the Qilin with carbon steel blades and a single bar magnet, but in this case an Alnico 5. The neck pickup has a typical PAF style winding but using slightly finer wire. The result is a pickup that replaces brashness with sweetness and aggression with soul, a beautiful pickup for almost any style from jazz to rock. The bridge pickup is hot wound with extra fine wire to produce thick, rich tones with incredible harmonics way beyond anything normally associated with mini humbuckers. The Mountain Queen bridge unit is a rock machine par excellence.

Listen here:     Bridge Full      Bridge Tapped        Neck Full      Neck Tapped

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DC Resistance Neck 8.23k (5.5k), Bridge 14.1k (8.8k).
Magnet Alnico 5
Wire Gauge SWG 46 (Neck), AWG 44 (bridge)

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Mountain Queen

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