About Us

At Gemini Pickups, we've been producing top quality pickups, made in Wales since 2006.

Our motto is Different by Design and we try to live up to that in many ways.

We make plenty of conventional pickups including all of the classic sounds that everyone knows but we also make many more pickups that have distinct tonal characteristics that you won't find anywhere else.

We use coil taps in our humbuckers and mini humbuckers as standard but mostly they're not in the middle. Offsetting the coil tap so that you get 2/3rds of a vintage humbucker generally works much better than 1/2. Some of our humbuckers have two coil taps, one in each bobbin, to produce greater flexibility. Our traditional P90's have coil taps too and the least traditional ones use two different gauges of wire to make a much greater difference on tone between the full and tapped sounds.

We also take on some projects to design and build unique pickups. This can include design of custom bobbins for 3D printing to fit almost any requirement.

If you have a project that needs something special, drop us a line.